Nonprofit Hospital Resolves Parking Challenges with Impark

Find out how the hospital improved availability, revenue, and vastly improved the overall experience of parking for both patients and employees.

The Client

Regions Hospital, a HealthPartners organization, is a private, non-profit teaching hospital providing healthcare programs in neuroscience, heart surgery, cardiology, oncology, emergency care, and more.

The Challenges

Employee Parking

Regions Hospital’s previous parking vendor had assigned 400 employees to just 150 off-site, leased spaces. This deficit inconvenienced employees and caused significant operational issues.

During inclement weather, employees were further dissuaded from parking at the remote lot, instead opting to occupy spaces close to the hospital entrances that were intended for patients and visitors.

Ultimately, the lease for the off-site location was terminated early.


Like many industry-leading healthcare facilities, Regions Hospital already offered a valet service to patients and visitors. However, valet staff were only positioned at one hospital entrance and parked just 20–25 vehicles a day.


The existing on-site parking meters were outdated and only accepted coin payments. This capped the parking operation’s revenue potential and inconvenienced patients and visitors who did not have loose change available.

The Parking Partner

Regions Hospital needed an experienced parking and transportation provider that could restructure employee parking without impacting the flow of clinical and non-clinical care on-site.

The hospital also required a parking operator with healthcare-specific best practices that could develop, implement, and manage a holistic, patient-centered parking strategy.

After evaluating the capabilities and pricing of several of our competitors, Regions Hospital selected Impark HEALTH to be its parking partner.

Impark HEALTH's Approach

Employee Parking

Impark HEALTH began by addressing the growing challenge of employee parking. Within just one week of taking over the hospital’s parking management, we had sourced and acquired a more suitable off-site lot for staff parking. To minimize the inconvenience of parking remotely, we also created and managed a shuttle program that regularly transported staff to and from their vehicles.


Impark HEALTH worked to alleviate the overall employee demand for parking by introducing a number of green initiatives to the hospital’s parking strategy. This included free transit passes, a cycle-to-work incentive, and free parking for carpoolers.


Together with hospital leadership, we identified an opportunity to improve the patient experience by upgrading and expanding the hospital’s existing valet service. As a result, we added valet stations, operated by highly-trained Impark HEALTH staff, to the emergency department and children’s center entrances.


Using our extensive working knowledge of both parking equipment and healthcare environments, we selected modern meters to replace the hospital’s existing coin-only machines. This new equipment improved patients’ and visitors’ satisfaction with their entry/exit experience, as they could now pay for parking with cash or credit card.

Patient and Visitor Parking

To ensure the hospital’s parking operations ran as seamlessly as possible at all times, we placed a dedicated, Impark HEALTH-trained facility manager on-site.

Our facility manager oversees a fastidious count system and regular patrols of the hospital’s parking facility in order to audit capacity. During peak times, we station Impark HEALTH personnel at potential pain points on-site. There, they direct parkers to available stalls, helping to maintain patient satisfaction and reduce vehicle idling.

Finally, to maximize the facility’s accessibility, we created a special parking request form that allows both patients and visitors to inform us of special parking requirements as a result of medical needs.


Increased Capacity by 80+ Stalls

Expedited entry/exit experience

Increased daily valet parking average from 20–25 cars to 200–250 cars

Improved patient Satisfaction

Increased meter revenue by nearly 100%

Optimized Site Accessibility

The Verdict

  • I am extremely impressed with the management practices at Impark. Since signing the contract with Impark, our employee and visitor parking systems have been managed accurately, which is resulting in a better parking experience for our employees, patients, and visitors. This is a team that truly knows how to manage a parking program and maintain customer service.

    Rick Huston
    Senior Director, Plant Operations/Facility Planning & Construction

30 Years+

Serving healthcare

15 Million+

Patient interactions

2.6 Million+

Shuttle passengers
transported annually

1.75 Million+

vehicles annually

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