A man holding a pen to his mouth as he contemplates common myths about parking management. Illustration.

5 Common Myths About Parking Management

There are a number of fundamental misconceptions about parking management that serve only to cap the value attributed to parking assets. Here are the top...
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Two businesswomen carrying puzzle pieces towards a large jigsaw of a bullseye target. Illustration.

4 Benefits of a Portfolio Approach to Parking Management

When you buy a Starbucks coffee, you’re not just buying the product in your hand. You’re paying for an experience; personalized yet strikingly uniform, it...
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A businessman in a cape flying like Superman towards impressively high patient satisfaction scores. Illustration.

5 Resolutions for Improving Patient Satisfaction in 2018

We may be trudging toward the end of January, but in our book it’s still the season to make meaningful 2018 business resolutions! Here are...
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A lightbulb switching on above a member of a group. Illustration.

Client Spotlight — NPA’S Innovator of the Year

2017 NPA Innovation Awards In October, the National Parking Association (NPA) announced the winners of its 2017 Innovation Awards. Arguably the most prestigious prizes in...
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An electric vehicle plugged into an electric vehicle charging station. 3D illustration.

Behind the Buzz of EV Charging Stations

EV chargers are popping up at stunning speed in parking facilities across North America. The University of Michigan estimates that in the U.S. alone, there...
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A hand giving a thumbs up and a hand giving a thumbs down.

Is Your Facility Making a Bad First Impression?

The Science of First Impressions It takes just seven seconds for us to make a first impression comprising 11 critical assumptions, according to Dr. Michael...
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A man wearing a hangTag shirt points to a smartphone depicting hangTag's interactive map.

Impark Deploys New Parking App in Canada

VANCOUVER, B.C. (December 7, 2017): Imperial Parking Canada Corporation (Impark) announced today the deployment at parking facilities throughout Canada of hangTag™, a new parking app....
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A consultant showing a businessman where his signature is required on a contract.

Should You Outsource Your Hospital’s Parking Operation?

Healthcare facility leaders sometimes shy away from the idea of outsourced parking operations. It’s good to be cautious — hospitals, as traditionally under-parked facilities, have...
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