This Hospital Valet Parking “Enhancement” Almost Always Backfires (and It Isn’t What You Think)

By Rick Wilson   |   4.5 min. read Patients can’t disassociate from their roles and responsibilities outside of the hospital environment, nor should they...
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These 5 Healthcare Campus Technologies Can Boost Patient Satisfaction

By Jennifer Boyette and Eric Williams   |   4 min. read Today’s tech-savvy patients have significantly higher expectations of their healthcare experiences than they...
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Are Humans Built For Autonomous Vehicles?

By Stan Bochniak   |   4.5 min. read With the steady rise of autonomous vehicles (AVs), the automotive industry is tussling with the largest...
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5 Tough Questions You Need to Ask About Your Parking Operator

By Joey Guenther   |   3 min. read 1. Is your parking operator expanding your B2C circle of influence (COI)? There are two fundamental...
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5 Parking Resources You Can Dematerialize Today

By Doug Hardesty   |   2.5 min. read Why Dematerialize? Dematerialization allows parking asset owners and administrators to reduce reliance on physical resources while...
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How to Control a Gateless Parking Environment

By Jeff Van Allen   |   2 min. read Why Go Gateless? Though not necessarily a suitable solution for every parking facility, going gateless...
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Winter is Here — Is Your Parking Facility Prepared?

By Josh Gianotsos & Greg Chapman   |   3 min. read Oh, winter. Its inevitability doesn’t make it any more palatable. With the biting...
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9 Questions You Need to Ask About Your New Shuttle Route

By Mark Williams   |   4 min. read As discussed in 7 Tips for Sourcing Hospital Shuttle Buses, a well-developed shuttle service can address...
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