Impark In the Community

Impark has made a significant commitment to partner with charity organizations in each of the cities in which it operates, through a program of corporate sponsorship.

Some of the community organizations that Impark proudly would like to acknowledge include:

What People Say

  • When Impark proposed the idea of a Tickets-for-Toys drive I must admit we did not think that it would take off like it did. But the event was a phenomenal success and without a doubt, the initiative generated the largest single donation of toys in our 139 year history. Although the public recognition was unbelievable, it was the donations of toys that will be the real lasting impact on our communities. “

    “There is no monetary number that can be placed on the corporate responsibility that Impark showed; however, the smiles that children received on Christmas morning is truly the greatest reward of this event. We at The Salvation Army believe that by giving children hope in their early years that they will begin to learn that their potential is limitless. Thank you to Impark for helping these families and children realize this objective.

    Captain John Murray
    Divisional Secretary, Salvation Army
  • Impark is a very supportive and generous sponsor of BC Guide Dogs. They approached us three years ago and have increased their sponsorship of our programs every year since. They have never said no to our requests for assistance. In fact they have gone out of their way to introduce us to new sponsors and new fund-raising opportunities. We’re proud to have them amongst our sponsors.

    Mr. Bill Thornton
    CEO, BC Guide Dog Services
  • Impark’s support and commitment to our Foundation can only be described as outstanding. When we came to them with a concept and request for help they opened the doors to us and made all of their resources available, allowing us to turn the concept into a reality. The company will commit over $100,000 in material assistance this year, along with countless hours of work from staff at all levels of the company. They are a pleasure to work with and we look forward to a long association with them. They are a firm that is completely committed to our goal of “helping parks grow

    Laura Swift
    Executive Director, Pacific Parklands Foundation
  • When we launched the LifeLink Corporate donor program two years ago, Impark was one of our first corporate clients. In fact their staff made one of the highest initial donations we’ve ever received. Since then, Impark staff consistently turn out to make blood donations and to support the program. We truly appreciate their ongoing commitment to saving the lives of BC hospital patients!

    Angela Sloat
    Community Development Coordinator, Canadian Blood Services