About Impark

Impark is one of the largest parking management companies in North America, operating approximately 3,600 parking facilities with 8,700 employees in more than 330 cities across the United States and Canada.

In Canada

Impark began operations in Vancouver, BC, in 1962 with a single surface parking lot.  The simple concept of paying attention to service, combined with a strong entrepreneurial drive, led to steady growth during the 1960’s and ‘70’s.  By the end of the 1970’s, Impark dominated the Vancouver market and had established the depth of staff and resources to expand east.  Growth continued at a rapid pace through the 1980s with Impark opening its first lot in the United States in Minneapolis. The 1990s saw branch offices established in all of Canada’s major cities – including the acquisition of Canada’s (at the time) largest parking company, CitiPark, in 1995.  This move, along with steady growth in new accounts, established Impark as the largest parking management firm in Canada.

In the United States

Since opening its first location in the United States in the late 1980’s Impark has expanded at a rapid pace, including major projects such as an agreement with the San Francisco Giants to develop and manage 4,900 parking spaces surrounding the new Pacific Bell Stadium (now AT&T Park), Miller Park in Milwaukee, and Citi Field in New York.   Expansion into new markets through the 2000’s saw Impark firmly established as a true North American leader, and a number of acquisitions including companies in Portland and San Francisco, and more recently, the acquisition of Republic Parking in early 2016, substantially increases Impark’s geographic footprint and reach into key market segments such as healthcare, aviation, and municipal parking operations.

Family of Brands

Impark, through its operating companies, Imperial Parking Canada Corporation and Imperial Parking (U.S.), LLC, provides parking management services, via a number of wholly owned subsidiaries. Some operate as independent entities in particular markets, while others provide specialized services and support in meeting overall needs of clients and customers throughout the Impark network.


Impark is one of the largest parking management companies in North America, operating approximately 3,600 parking facilities with 8,700 employees in more than 330 cities across the United States and Canada.

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Republic Parking

Since its inception in 1966, Republic Parking has grown by providing excellent service to clients and customers, and now manages revenues in excess of $300,000,000 annually, operating in 39 states and employing more than 2,800 people. 

Republic Parking was acquired by Impark in April 2016.

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Advanced Parking Systems Ltd.

Known in the industry as one of the best examples of a “boutique” parking company, offering personalized, highly attentive service to a small group of clients.

Since 1985 Advanced has had a policy of managing each parking space to satisfy customer demands for service and client/owner needs for revenue. Attention to detail and high-end service are hallmarks of Advanced’s operating philosophy.

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A full service signage design and production company, with branches in Vancouver and Toronto. Signage for parking structures is a specialized field: our design experts at CitiSign can provide imaginative and attractive sign packages that keep traffic moving and ensure that customers can find their way to their destination.

Citisign also produces signs for non-parking related uses. Whether it’s temporary signage for an event, or backlit signage for a permanent installation, CitiSign can deliver.


DLC Parking & Transportation

Formed in 1978,DLC Parking & Transportation grew to become the preeminent provider of parking and shuttle services to healthcare and university campus operations in the Philadelphia and southern New Jersey. In 2000, DLC was acquired by Impark as the cornerstone of its North East U.S. expansion. Over this time, DLC offices have become the Impark U.S. headquarters. – spearheading our growth of commercial parking and specialized shuttle and transportation services.

DLC has continued to grow under the Impark banner and has been selected for key parking operations contracts such as the Consolidated Car Rental shuttle bus operation at Baltimore Washington International Airport.

Meridian Valet

Meridian Valet is an operating division of Impark – supplying valet services for distinctive clientele in the hotel, restaurants and special events trade. We recognized that there was an unfilled niche for a very different type of valet service – one that provides first-rate staff for specific clients and their customers, who were not just a contracted service provider, but an actual part of the clients’ service team.

Our experience at prestigious locations taught us that valet services need to fit the demands of the client and the environment. That’s why we apply a client-specific solution – whether a hotel, restaurant or other special event.

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Metro Parking Ltd.

Operating since 1951 and with over 50 years in the Vancouver metropolitan area,Metro Parking’s reputation has been built on our attention to detail, hands on management, and our ability to treat each location as a unique business. Each and every lot that we manage benefits from every employee taking an ownership role in their participation in parking lot management, providing a quick, detailed response to operational issues and our focus never waivers from revenue maximization.

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City Center Parking

Established in 1955, City Center Parking (CCP) has been an active parking management company for 60 years, operating approx. 200 parking facilities within the Portland area. While parking management is their primary focus, CCP also offers a premier private party valet service, performing at events ranging from 10-1,000 patrons.

City Center Parking was acquired by Impark in December 2012, and has become the Branch headquarters for the city.

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Since 1996, MarcParc’s people driven approach has given them a distinct competitive advantage in the Washington D.C. market. With over 50 immaculate and well lit facilities, the company has come to pride itself upon its operational legacy of providing courteous, clean, and professional parking management and valet and transportation services.

MarcParc was acquired by Impark in March 2015.