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Pay by Phone

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Pay by Phone is a suite of services designed to provide additional convenient ways for our customers to pay, either through the use of a phone, or over the internet.  The system is based on technology provided by our service partner, Verrus Mobile Technologies, Inc., a collaboration that brought Impark customers the first widely accepted pay-by-phone service in North America.

Pay by  Phone eliminates the need for a customer to pay at a meter or attendant, place a ticket on the dash, or be at risk of running out of time and experience a parking notice. Through a simple web-enabled registration process, you can create an account profile that includes your vehicle details and payment option. Then, depending on where or how you park, you can use your cell phone, or website to pay for parking - whether for an hour, a day, a week or a month. Billing is automatic and you can access and receive reports online or by email... and because Impark uses wireless handheld devices to monitor its locations, your parking is instantly recognized as valid.

Pay by Phone services includes:

Look for the Pay by Phone logo and instructions at Impark parking facilities where the service is available. 

* Program is not offered in all markets or locations.