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Welcome to the Impark Commuter Check Program

Impark is pleased to support State and regional commuter check programs to assist you, our parking customer, realize the greatest value and convenience in your daily needs for commuting and parking. The following topics below will provide detail on how this benefit has been structured and how Impark will support your registration:

What is a Commuter Check for Parking?
The Commuter Check for Parking is a Check (voucher) that you can elect to receive as part of your employer’s benefits offering. The Commuter Check for Parking can be redeemed by Impark to pay for your monthly parking fees up to $220.00 a month.

How do I use my Commuter Check for Parking?
You can order Commuter Checks (check with your HR Department to see if they participate in a commuter check benefit program) for Parking made out to Impark in the amount of your parking payment. You then provide the check(s) to your parking operator (via the mail or walk in to the local office) just as you would a personal check.

What if my Parking Expenses are Part of our Office’s Monthly Lease Payment?
If you usually pay your office for your parking expenses, you can order a Commuter Check for Parking made out to your company. The company can accept a Commuter Check for Parking and deposit it with as it would any other check.

Can I use my Commuter Checks to Pay for Parking Expenses?
No. Only Commuter Checks for Parking can be used to pay for parking expenses. Regular Commuter Checks must be redeemed for transit expenses; make sure when you sign up for the commuter check program at your office that you specify that you want to use them for parking. Commuter Checks used for transit expenses are generic vouchers that can be redeemed at any participating transit authority. Commuter Checks for Parking must be made payable to Impark and must be in the exact amount of your payment. In either case, Commuter Checks cannot be exchanged for cash nor can change be given should your expenses be lower than the face value of your voucher.

What Information do I need to Know to get Started Using my Parking Benefit?
If your employer is participating in a Commuter Check benefit program, you must supply your benefits administrator with the name of Impark, its location, and your parking rate. PLEASE NOTE: the following must be included on check: Individual parkers name AND account number, customer may contact their local office for this information. The address to send commuter checks to is listed below with contact phone numbers.

San Francisco Bay Area

Chicago Area

Chicago Metro

Dallas Area

Philadelphia Area

New York Area

Atlanta Area

Miami Area

How is the Parking Benefit Enhanced in the Commuter Check Direct Program?
In addition to being able to order Commuter Check(s) for your parking expenses, most administrators allow you to request direct payment to Impark. With a direct pay order, you no longer need to make monthly payments. Your deduction will be taken automatically from your payroll each month. The Commuter Check administrator takes care of all payment details with your parking operator. You should also make sure that you receive a confirmation email each month when your payment has been sent to Impark. After placing your initial recurring order no further action is required unless you change lots or parking rates change.

What if my Parking Provider Raises their Rates, Changes Management, or I Change Parking Locations?
In the Commuter Check Office program, you need to notify the office benefits administrator that you need to order a check made out to a new parking operator or need to change the amount of the check you receive. You are responsible for keeping your order up to date.

Do I Need to use my Commuter Check for Parking the Same Month I Receive it?
No. Most Commuter Check program for Parking is good for thirteen months from its printing date. Still it is better to keep your order up to date so that you always have an accurate check to give to Impark.

Important Notices:

The Commuter Check program does involve several important conditions, these are as follows:

  1. This program is only available in the United States.
  2. To enroll, your company must participate in an authorized commuter check program.
  3. The Commuter Check benefit has two distinct programs.
    • “Commuter Checks” are used for transit only. 
    • “Commuter Checks for Parking” are used for parking only. 
    • “Commuter Checks” can’t be used for parking and “Commuter Check for Parking” can’t be used for transit; each program offers different benefits. We hope this will lessen any confusion below.

Additional Resources for Your Company Human Resources Department:

There are a number of resources available to assist your company and its employees to qualify how you might participate in a commuter check program. The following links will direct you to known key sources; however, as this list is incomplete and updated constantly we recommend you qualify your search / information requirements: