Parking Insights

What Your Parking Garage Says About Your Hospital

First impressions are everything. How many times have we heard this? For me the idea of making a good first impression seems to have been embedded in my brain from birth, and I imagine it is no different for the rest of society. With most first impressions typically made in the first seven seconds of interaction...
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How to Evaluate a Healthcare Parking Management Provider

With billions of dollars potentially up for grabs if hospitals can meet the growing demand for a better patient experience, it’s no surprise that hospital executives are digging deep into their bag of tricks to ensure a positive interaction. One of the business units being evaluated is the first touchpoint for most patients: parking operations. Whether...
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Hospital Valet When Every Step Matters

When my brother-in-law was recovering from a series of long and intensely debilitating chemotherapy sessions and struggling to regain his strength, he told me his philosophy: “Every step counts.” It is not uncommon, in fact it is expected, for chemo patients to experience exhaustion after treatment. But it’s not just exhaustion; according to the American Cancer...
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A Nurse’s Tale: Patient Transport

For over 12 years, I have been privileged to spend my life with a nurse. Over this time, I have had a front row seat to the highs and lows my wife has experienced as a caregiver. Many who are acquainted with me know the conviction I have for the importance of nurses in healthcare. And...
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The Evolution of Paid Parking

Did you ever stop to think about the evolution of the parking industry: why we pay for parking or when paid parking first began? This is not something I had given a great deal of thought to until I accepted a position at Impark Health providing parking solutions to healthcare facilities. What I’ve learned since is...
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Create a Plan to Stay Relevant

“In our changing landscape, continue to provide value to both clients and consumers. Getting this right will allow you to grow the parking inventory you have to sell, and will keep consumers coming back to you to buy.” Impark was founded in 1962 with one surface lot in Vancouver, British Columbia. Having grown organically throughout Canada...
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