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Calgary Power Outage Update

We are hopeful to have parking services restored to affected locations as quickly as possible but are awaiting an update from the City of Calgary before permitting customers to return designated Monthly Parking facilities. We will endeavor to keep our customers informed with the status and progress once we receive it from the city (further updates available on the CEMA update page). If you have any questions related to the status of your location, please contact us at 1-877-909-6199.

Bow Parkade (227 6th Ave SW / Impark Lot 232) - Special Monthly Rooftop and Early Bird Daily Rates

Stop squeezing onto the bus and park comfortably at the Bow Parkade! Sign up for the Monthly Rooftop Special 24/7 $300+GST, or drive in before 8am and enjoy the Daily Early Bird Special $26 (plus GST). Convenient downtown location and on-site office. Contact Thupten at (403) 299-7293 or email to sign up for monthly parking.

Devon Tower - Lot 308

Sign up for monthly parking at Devon Tower Lot 308 (400 - 3rd Avenue SW) and receive three gift cards for $50 over three months! Sign up online or call 403.299.7275 to redeem today!

Cards will be distributed new sign up’s at month's end.

Available 11:30am to 1:30pm

Impark is currently offering a lunchtime parking special at a selection of lots in the Calgary area. Click here for prices and information.

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