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Sign Up Today to Get a Special Rate of $500 + GST at Fifth Avenue Place (Lot 374)

Heated, secured and centrally located at 420 2nd Street SW, Fifth Avenue Place is just a short walk away from Bow Valley Square, TransCanada Building, International Hotel and Canada Place! Sign up today for this limited time offer by calling 1-877-909-6199. Please reference our special sign-up code: E063081F95.


Bow Parkade (227 6th Ave SW / Lot 232) - Monthly Winter Special and Early Bird Daily Rates

Stop squeezing onto the bus and park comfortably at the Bow Parkade! Sign up for the winter special of $360+GST, or drive in before 8am and enjoy the Daily Early Bird Special $26 (plus GST). Convenient downtown location and on-site office. Contact Thupten at (403) 299-7293 or email to sign up for monthly parking.

Manage Your Parking Online

While Impark staff are always pleased to assist you personally, you may prefer to manage your monthly parking online.

One phone call will get you set up to control your account, view statements and access many useful features.

Call us at 1.877.909.6199 today to start managing your Monthly Parking account online!

Available 11:30am to 1:30pm

Impark is currently offering a lunchtime parking special at a selection of lots in the Calgary area. Click here for prices and information.

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