Pay by Phone

Pay by Phone is a suite of services designed to provide additional convenient ways for Impark customers to pay on the go using their smartphone.

A Better Way to Park

No Cash Required

No coins? No problem. If you’ve got your phone, you’ve got it covered.

Clever Alerts

No more clock-watching – get a discrete nudge when it’s time to go.

Instant Top-Ups

Never sprint back to add to the meter – buy yourself more time wherever you are.


Pay by Phone is based on technology provided by our service partner, Verrus Mobile Technologies, Inc., a collaboration that brought Impark customers the first widely accepted pay-by-phone service in North America. Pay by Phone eliminates the need for a customer to pay at a meter or attendant, place a ticket on the dash, or be at risk of running out of time and experience a parking notice. Through a simple web-enabled registration process, you can create an account profile that includes your vehicle details and payment option. Then, depending on where or how you park, you can use your cell phone, or website to pay for parking – whether for an hour, a day, a week or a month. Billing is automatic and you can access and receive reports online or by email… and because Impark uses wireless handheld devices to monitor its locations, your parking is instantly recognized as valid.

Look for the Pay by Phone logo and instructions at Impark parking facilities where the service is available.

* Program is not offered in all markets or locations.

E-Pass Program

If you’re a parking customer at a university, college or healthcare campus or an suburban office park, you’ll come to value the convenience of the Pay by Phone program. And, whether you are staff, a student, or other long-term parking user you can sign up for parking privileges at any time, using a simple and quick web registration process. You can also enjoy the flexibility of buying a weekly, monthly, or annual parking pass at available sites.

E-Pass users benefit from the convenience of direct billing to a credit card – and the online registration process allows accounts to be updated online, at any time.

The Pay by Phone E-pass system puts you in charge of your parking:

  • No more lost or stolen passes, or passes forgotten in a second vehicle.
  • No more registration line-ups.
  • No more administrative headaches including deposit deadlines, forms to fill out, not gaining access to the system, etc.
  • No need for gated access systems, and unrestricted in / out parking privileges.
  • In addition, it is not necessary to display a pass at any time because your vehicles license plate number serves as a pass!

And, at Impark locations where the E-Pass program is offered, Impark staff confirms active vehicles on the system using wireless devices, which allows us to monitor locations quickly and accurately – giving you peace of mind.

Active Locations?

See the list of active locations below and click on the links for details on what’s available, rates, and how to sign up.