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Our Approach to University & College campus operations
Impark has a unique approach to operating university and college campus parking facilities that addresses all the key issues around administration of parking assets. The approach does not rely on merely increasing parking rates, but centers around creating additional revenue through offering alternate and improved services and value added initiatives having a higher perceived worth to the parking customers.  Students, faculty, staff and visitors taking advantage of these added services, together with a strategy for reduced operating costs, significantly increases the per space yield, and increases the level of service experienced. 

Value Added

Impark creates additional revenue from university and college parking operations through a number of key strategies including; ·        
  • Implementation of a highly efficient web-based parking permit system allowing students, faculty, staff and visitors to conveniently manage their parking requirements online.  This negates the need for the traditional decal or permit, maximizes revenue through offering multiple permit parking ‘products’, and minimizes slippage.
  • The creation of a pricing model that appropriately manages demand for the more popular parking facilities and encourages use of less conveniently located properties.  This improved allocation of parkers reduces customer frustration and increases the number of useable spaces, and minimizes the perception of a shortage of space on campus.
  • Customer oriented Pay-by-Cell phone parking gives short-term parkers a new level of service and convenience.
  • Impark’s ‘Parker Pete’ motorist assist program provides parking customers with complimentary emergency services in the event of locked-in keys, a flat tire, dead battery or having run out of fuel.
  • Increased use of technology sets the university campus at the ‘leading edge’ of parking operations; a positive message for an institute of higher education.
  • Applying Impark’s event management practices enhances stadium and theatre events through creating an experience in the parking lot that becomes a positive part of going to the event.
  • Improved patrol and enforcement increases lost revenue recovery and provides a fair and convenient appeals process.
  • Reduced operating costs through increased automation. Impark’s systems use automated pay-stations, minimum on-site staff, and no parking lot cashier costs.

College campuses present a unique set of parking challenges that Impark solves through the application of technology familiar to students; such as Pay-by-Phone and online permit management.