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Parker Pete Hotels Learning & Development

Impark has been providing parking management and valet services to the hotel and lodging trade for over forty years. We know guest service is critical to the success of hotel properties and this drives our unique and systematic approach to managing hotel parking operations. Each Impark hotel parking facility reflects the service standards of the hotel operation itself and recognizes the garage may be the beginning and the end of the guest experience, and as such, requires particular attention that creates a very positive lasting impression. 

Impark understands the particular demands of a busy hotel operation, the requirements to maintain space available for guests, and the opportunity to optimize revenue through selling additional space to short-term and monthly parkers.  While guest service is paramount, Impark's expertise in managing parking inventory creates improved financial results for hotel owners and managers.

Impark Wireless Hotel Guest System

Impark has developed a unique technology alternative to the traditional hotel guest pass, improving service to the guest, increasing accountability and eliminating slippage. 

The Impark Wireless Guest System is a web-based system that replaces paper-based passes in unattended hotel parking operations. The system and on-site signage allow hotel guests to park in the first available space and then proceed directly to the check-in desk. Front desk staff register the guests license number, and apply pre-determined billing rates or privileges to their guests.

The benefits of this system include:

  • Overcomes inconvenience of paper-based or voucher systems which are cumbersome to reconcile, require manual report generation, and are open to internal manipulation
  • Enhances guest services by avoiding need for hotel guests having to return to their cars after check-in.
  • Offers hotel properties better management of its parking assets realizing enhanced revenue opportunities. Management would have instant access to on-line or hard-copy reports, and is fully secure

Impark's unique technology solution for hotel parking means no more sending guests back to the lot with a guest parking pass.