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Impark has extensive experience in the operation of parking facilities for hospital and healthcare-related operations, and represents an excellent partner for the critical service providers in our communities.

Hospital & Healthcare Parking Provider

Impark's strength in this sector was enhanced with the acquisition of Philadelphia-based DLC Parking & Transportation in 2000; the cornerstone of Impark’s North East U.S. expansion. To this day, Impark's Philadelphia operations specialize in providing hospital campus operations with full parking and transportation services, including valet and shuttle bus operations as well as the operation of staff, faculty and visitor parking lots and garages.

In addition to the Philadelphia operations, Impark operates significant hospital campus operations in other U.S. cities such as Chicago and Minneapolis, as well as throughout Canada.  Impark operates more than 100 hospital institutions across North America, many of which feature typical challenges of major healthcare related operations:

  • Incorporate Pay-on-Foot equipment and/or Central Cashiering,
  • Operate 24/7 and 365 days a year 
  • Substantial operations with individual facilities in excess of 1,000 spaces,
  • Are protected through security monitoring
  • Consistently deliver on demanding valet service
  • Expectations that require our committed focus to providing premium service

Our management team understands the power of partnership and knows that when selected, clients come to appreciate our proactive management approach, transparent accounting and billing policies, and a superior knowledge of the operation of all parking related facilities and services.

Shuttle Services

Impark has been in the transportation business for over 20 years, managing contracts with rental car agencies, airports, hospitals, universities and major employers in key North American cities. Impark provides a turnkey operation by financing and leasing shuttle busses and training drivers and support staff on behalf of our clients. In the Philadelphia metropolitan area, Impark transports thousands of people each day, operating more than 50 shuttles and transporting over 14,000 riders each week, many of which are Healthcare staff and patients.

More information on our services, clients, and leadership may be found on our Impark Health website.


Impark operates Regions Hospital in Minneapolis (above); and John H. Stroger Jr. Hospital in Chicago (below) - some of its almost 100 healthcare related parking operations.