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Impark Wireless is suite of services designed to provide additional convenient ways for hourly, transient or monthly parking customer’s access and pay for parking – either by phone, or over the internet.

Impark deploys various components of this suite across commercial property, hotels, healthcare facilities, education institutions and other environments offering greater flexibility by which to manage or support parking services. The system is based on technology provided by our service partner, Verrus Mobile Technologies, Inc., a collaboration that brought Impark customers the first widely accepted pay-by-phone service in North America.

In general, this service package eliminates the need for a customer to pay at a meter or attendant, place a ticket on the dash, or be at risk of running out of time and experience a parking notice. And, as Impark uses wireless handheld devices to monitor its locations, parking can be instantly confirmed as valid.

Through a simple web-enabled registration process, a parking customer can create an account profile that includes their vehicle details and payment option. Then, depending on parking environment and needs, this customer can use their cell phone, or website to pay for parking – whether for an hour, a day, a week or a month. Billing is automatic to the customers account and they also have the convenience of viewing their account history online. Through this service, Impark can also offer clients / landlords, detailed reporting on usage, revenues and more.

The Impark Wireless suite includes the following services, and an outline for each program is provided below:

Impark Wireless Pay-by-Phone Program

The Impark Wireless system allows parking customers to secure short-term parking through a pay-by-phone system. On arrival to lot / facility, parking patrons simply:
  • Choose their parking spot,
  • Call the Impark Wireless number posted,
  • Enter the lot number and finally,
  • Register the length of time they wish to park.    
New customers to this system will need to provide name, vehicle and payment card details - which are assigned to a secure account and registered to your cell phone (or land line) for convenient repeat use.  

This type of service is provided in conjunction with use of parking meter stations, in locations where self-parking is being offered. Through a dedicated and secure online portal parking customers can register their personal profile, vehicle and payment information. Then at locations where this service is offered they can arrange for parking privileges by calling to posted phone number on lot to register location and amount of parking time requested.

Once time and location is confirmed, parking customers do not need to display any tickets or proof of payment. And, when near the end of purchased time period, these customers will receive a SMS text message on their cell phone to confirm need to purchase additional time.

Impark Wireless Hotel Pass Program

With Impark Wireless Hotel pass system, hotel front desk staff can manage the self-parking needs of their guests or patrons through an online booking system. On arrival / check-in, guests need to only provide vehicle license information to front desk clerk who will enter guest information into parking management system. This conveniently avoids the need to ask a guest to return to vehicle to place parking pass, confirm space number, etc. Once registered, guests will have confirmed parking privileges, which would include in/out benefits during length of stay without need to re-register or place ticket on dash.  

Based on the defined parking rate table, guests will be assessed the appropriate charge which through programmed link to hotel reservation system, gets invoiced directly on the guests room account.  

This system overcomes the inconvenience of paper-based or voucher systems which are cumbersome to reconcile, require manual report generation, and are open to internal manipulation. Given enhanced controls, properties can now better manage its parking assets, realizing enhanced revenue opportunities.

Impark Wireless E-Pass program

Impark Wireless E-Pass program allows administrators in education, healthcare and other institution-like environments a convenient way to manage parking services. With this system professional staff, administration, students, etc. and other long-term parkers you can sign up for parking at any time, using a simple and quick web registration process. With complete parking inventory controls built into the system, parking customers can choose weekly, monthly, or annual parking at available sites. And, based on online customer and vehicle profile, it is not necessary to display a pass at any time because a vehicles license plate number serves as a pass. Charges are billed directly to the registered parkers’ account profile via credit card.

With high parking demands experienced in education or healthcare environments this technology allows administrators to give each department their own parking spaces to allot the way they want, while still maintaining centralized control. The E-pass system can also create happier parking patrons with improved traffic flow and reducing waiting lines – while administrators benefit from reduced staffing costs. What’s more, at locations with this service, Impark staff will confirm active vehicles on the system using wireless devices, allowing us to monitor locations quickly and accurately – which increases operating efficiencies, revenue management and client and customer satisfaction.

In addition, the Impark Wireless E-pass system eliminates all the problems with manual pass systems:
  • No more lost or stolen passes, or passes forgotten in a second vehicle.
  • No massive line-ups; administration headaches, like deposit deadlines, forms to fill out, etc; and not gaining access to the system.
  • No need for gated access systems and unrestricted in/out privileges.

Impark has been working in partnership with Verrus Mobile Technologies Inc. since 2001 and apply Verrus’ integrated set of parking applications from pay by phone through to digital permits and online ticket payments. Verrus also uses the latest in secure hosting technologies to provide Web-based back office interfaces eliminating the expense of installing and maintaining local software. For more details, visit

The Impark Wireless suite:
Providing new solutions to parking problems found in a varied range of facilities and environments.