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Business Services

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Impark operates parking facilities on behalf of property owners and asset managers under parking management agreements and through providing bankable leases. Impark has a reputation for offering superior service to its customers and clients and is well known for employing leading edge technology in parking solutions.

Full-Service Parking & Transportation Solutions

We provide complete parking and transportation services, designed to specifically meet the needs of a wide variety of clients. Our services include:

  • Full parking management – Staffing, operating, reporting and improving parking and transportation systems and services
  • Hotel / Valet parking services – Complete full-service programs for hotel, restaurant, special event patrons; self-serve convenience of automated guest check-in using ‘Impark Wireless’ service interface
  • Integrated Technological and Back-office Services – Facilitating the planning, investment and management of applied technology utilities from card processing interfaces, pay-by-phone, etc. to centralized client and end-user customer support centre, billing, audit and reporting services
  • Financing - Impark has effective capacity to provide financing for capital improvements to enhance financial performance, security and customer service

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Impark operates in more than 30 cities across North America and we are striving to further expand into key additional markets in the United States.

The Impark Advantage

  • Focus on 'bottom line' results to improve asset value
  • Lease parking entitlement management systems
  • Ground-breaking technology solutions
  • Client online access to financial data
  • Development and execution of facility marketing plans
  • The industry's leading accounting and reporting systems
  • Revenue security systems and audit protecting parking revenues
  • White Glove' service amenities to enhance customer satisfaction

    How can we help you?

    Our approach is specific to each property and we are passionate about what we do. We invite you to review our sector-specific services relevant to your needs.

    For further information use the Feedback Form to contact us. Our operations team would welcome the opportunity to demonstrate how we can assist you in exceeding your goals for your parking asset.



      Impark offers full service parking management for just about every type of facility or parking application, ... and always with a focus on a high quality customer experience.